Engine History

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A rotary mower with a 21 inch blade and an engine speed of 3,000 rpm has a tip speed of 187 mph.  If the operator walks at approx. 3 miles per hour the blade tip will pass over any given area 6 times, and a blade sharpened  3 inches on each end with the engine rpm at 3,000 only uses the first ½inch of the 3 inch sharpened length actually to cut grass. In order for the blade to cut the grass the full 3 inches of sharpened area the mower would have to travel 18 mph. In 1951Clinton started production in Maquoketawith1 standard engine and 515 Model variations for the Original Equipment Manufacturers, {O.E.M}. By 1966 that figure had grown to 7 different engine categories, 181 standard engines and 7,677 model variations. Clinton engines were sold and serviced by more than 62 Distributors, 845 Service Distributors, 12,000 dealers, 800 […]